Maxximillian Dafoe

This baby blog, iMaxximillian — with it’s minimalist flair — isn’t the whole pie. Akin to just my brain in a laboratory jar, it is lovely on its own but nowhere near as entertaining as my brain with face and boobs — uh, I mean body intact.


Those of you who are in the know — I see you shaking your heads — know that I have more than one official blog. My online life and body of works has evolved into numerous sites, all quite entertaining. It has often been suggested to me that a ‘catch all’ site where all the cards lay on the table be available for greater entertainment and ease of use. I took that suggestion and ran with it. Without further ado, allow me to introduce my catch all site…

Thank you for your kind attention to these new additions. It is my hope that you will visit both sites. There is no doubt in my mind that you will find both entertaining.

Notable highlights: HUMOR on my official blog is an on going collection of things — usually images — that I find amusing. LITERATURE > PODCASTS is where you’ll find my podcasts as well as a few from other authors and podcasters that I found particularly entertaining — the key phrase here being: MY PODCASTS.

At the top right of my official blog, you’ll find a list that reads: FOOD, LIFE, STILL LIFE, LIBRIVOX, SELF PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS. These are photo galleries of my epicurean experiences (shopping, preparation, eating), snapshots of people, places and things and the last two gallery selections, which are self-explanatory. I’m fleshing them out now, I have so many photographs to share. So, if you select a gallery and find it lacking, check back in the next couple of days and there will be more there. The galleries are updated to the minute and I take photos all the time. I may include RSS for individual galleries for your convience. Creating these sites has been a lot of work — I do everything myself — and a GREAT pleasure. I hope that you will visit and feel that you will enjoy them.

With great appreciation,

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