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My First Horror Film: I’m Alive!

In Connect, Film, My work on May 3, 2009 at 9:01 am

The Horror Film

I returned home last week after a month long stay in Arizona for the principle photography of my very first horror film.

Before I left, I had these grandiose ideas of the photos I would take and the blogging I would do- including the posting of said photos each day to keep my folks current on the latest grizzle.  Didn’t happen.  I was so  worn out after filming each day that it was all I could do to drag my bloody self into a bath and the jacuzzi- respectively.

Now that I’m back in Los Angeles and have had a few spots of rest, I’ve posted the pictures on facebook.  There are more photos from filming floating around out there and some video snippets too, I believe, which I’ll seek out and capture to share.  In the meantime, login to facebook to check out what I’ve uploaded so far. If we’re not friends yet, we may have to go there so that you can view the albums I’ve created; only a few photos are viewable if we’re not (yet) friends.  If you do friend me up on facebook and you know me from this blog, defininately let me know and I’ll confirm you straight away.  Cheers! Friend me up!


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