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As some of you know, I spent the month of April in various and remote parts of Arizona filming a movie called Sickle.  I expect that this film will be released in the horror genre however, I consider it a “dark, action, thriller.”  Horror films are among my favorites and among my long time friends, I am the first to make the dream come true.

It’s always great to do nice meaty dramatic roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent or to rock out a fight scene in Burn Notice or what have you but even the grittiest of situations on The Sopranos don’t go as far into the depths of darkness into which protagonist and antagonist alike find themselves falling in horror films.

Incredible cruelty, intense violence and gratuitous gore are all acceptable in the horror genre.  I like that.  In action films and dramas, when it gets too gritty, the camera cuts away before the audience gets too uncomfortable and turns away in horror.
In a horror film you must turn away.  Turn away in horror.

Here’s a teaser for my latest film.

Please don’t turn away…

Turn away in horror.

Facebook | Videos Posted by Robert Conway: Sickle Teaser

Click the link above to watch the video on Facebook.
Sickle.  A film by Robert Conway.
Video clip length: 0:44


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