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In Giggedy!, You Gotta Get Some on July 12, 2009 at 2:07 pm

Do you have a water carafe with a built in filter to purify your drinking water?  I do.  And now there is a device just like that… for the shower.

Must.  Have.  Posh.  Water.

Seriously.  I remember visiting -albeit only a time or two, some friend or relative who had soft water running through the house.  Amazing.  And this?  This would be like showering in Fiji water.  Fiji water is my absolute favorite… It just seems.  Wetter.  Somehow.  I must be dehydrated going on about Fiji like this.

Check out the Jonathan device below.  It’s $95.  It comes with one filter and from what I understand, the replacements will set one back about $55 and they need to be changed every three months- depending on how often one showers.  I’m definitely putting this on my GiggedyList.

Jonathan Beauty Water™ – Shower Purification System

| 1 Deluxe Showerhead, 1 Filter Cartridge|

DETAILS AND BENEFITS: This exclusive, powerful purification filter is made up of Amorphous Titanium Silicate, a potassium charged zeolite, coated to a granular media made from carbonized coconut shells During the first stage of filtration, chlorine is reduced substantially and the water is pre-conditioned be neutralizing agents In the second stage of filtration, the filter delivers the most eff ective elimination of VOC’s and synthetic chemicals, including heavy metals commonly found in tap water such as copper & lead As the system removes heavy metals, it replaces them with healthy potassium ions to balance pH and produce the closest thing to pure, natural spring water possible.

INSTALLATION:  Step 1 – Remove existing shower head.  Step 2 – Attach the assembled filter system.  Step 3 – Flush and activate the system.  Step 4 – Attach the shower head.

Note: The initial surge of water may be discolored due to carbon but will go away after being flushed thru the system

RESULTS: Hair and skin are soft, hair color lasts longer.

“My theory on water and its effect on the condition, color and manageability of hair is that proper cleansing and hydration begin with pure, natural spring water”- Jonathan


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