Maxximillian Dafoe

On A Personal Note

In Podcasts on July 12, 2009 at 12:24 pm

This American Life

I woke up this morning all excited to catch todays episode of This American Life live on KCRW at noon. It came on at eleven. (sigh) Now I have to wait until it’s posted on iTunes. Damn. It’s not streaming yet either so I just have to wait. Bother. But YOU, lucky you, can enjoy it too. By the time you read this. It just might be available.

Pro Se – This American Life on KCRW

Just an aside, do YOU listen to This American Life or KCRW? And if so, have you ever made a donation? I’m just wondering. And if you HAVE, which show compelled you to do it? Drop me a line. I’m really interested to know.

Cheers not jeers,


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