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And to think… Summer’s almost gone.

In literature on August 17, 2010 at 7:53 pm

My reading and audiobook reports.  Any title in a highlighted color is one that I enjoyed a great deal.  If you see a title with a link, it will take you to a place where you can enjoy the book for free via the author.

If I really didn’t like a book, you won’t find it here.  So, if you see a title without a highlight, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it.  And then, there are books that I’m always reading or listening to… though I may not list them here.  I may, perhaps, later post a list of those books and podcasts under separate cover.

If you’ve read one of these or have other suggestions, leave a comment.  I’d love to know your opinions.

What I’m Reading Right Now

The Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson

Haunted by Meg Cabot

Heaven: Season One by Mur Lafferty

Last Week

Gulls by Tim Pratt via the fine men of Pseudopod

Pseudopod 204: Her Collection of Intimacy by Paul Haines

Atwater by Cody Goodfellow • to listen to the story read by the author, click here to visit the Transmissions From Beyond podcast.

Episodes 200 and 201 and 202 from Pseudopod

Just After Sunset by Stephen King

Underwood & Flinch: A vampire novel by Mike Bennett

Last Month

Purgatory by Tim Dodge • This is available for free, read by the author on iTunes and at

Before That

Eye Spy

Shadow Chaser

The Mother & The Worm

Sticks & Scones by Diane Mott Davidson


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