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World Festival of Sacred Music | LA

In event, festival, sacred music, spirituality on June 26, 2008 at 1:05 pm

This morning, I received the following message from my friend and favorite masseur in Los Angeles, Gustavo, about an event he recently attended.

This past weekend I spent the evening dancing to some of the most amazing, amazing sacred Brazilian music in a hillside house overlooking the ocean. This benefit gave me a small taste of what the WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC is going to do for me from Sept 13-28th.

I think everybody I know should go to this event with 1,000 artists-40 events-16 days and in LA. If that is not enough the Dali Lama was said to have received a clear message from God that every three years there should be a sacred music festival to help heal the world. To get a little taste go to

Bye my beautiful community of friends and family,


According to the mission statement of the official website, “The World Festival of Sacred Music is founded on the belief that sacred music has the ability to bring forth our shared human values of peace, understanding, and respect for all living things. The Festival is not a commercial venture, nor does it promote or endorse any political or religious agenda. Offering an alternative, community-oriented model to the corporate values that dominate the entertainment culture of Los Angeles, the Festival provides opportunities for people to come together and investigate issues of tolerance and diversity within our complex, urban environment.”

But what to expect at the festival? The WFSM promises, “a sixteen-day celebration of the rich sacred music and movement traditions of the people of Los Angeles, with 40 events produced in 40 venues ranging from the city’s major stages to intimate places of worship.” Well, there are certainly no complaints here. It sounds promising. Furthermore, if Gustavo is impressed, it has got to be worthwhile; he is no stranger to the reported bliss of many music and spirituality fueled events. I think to impress someone who has experienced some of the great events of our time, like Burning Man, Coachella, etcetera, there must be more to see, do and experience than free goji berries, warm weather and beautiful people to make them fall in love.

For an idea of what may come in September, take a gander and a listen to this clip, courtesy of WFSM.

About WFSM: A largely volunteer effort, based on the intention to utilize the arts festival model to build genuine community cooperation and understanding, the World Festival of Sacred Music is presented by Foundation for World Arts and UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance.